Anonymous asked: do you consider yourself 'tumblr famous'?

nooooo i don’t think so i’m hardly ever on this blog anymore


Matt Smith on Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan

Moderator: Arthur and Karen, when it comes to being real traveling companions, how are they?
Matt: As people?
Moderator: Yes. Any odd quirks or anything?
Matt: Oh, yeah, I mean, the best! Like, you know, Arthur will get like Dad sometimes. He'll be like 'we've gotta go, we've gotta get in the plane, we've gotta do this.' And Karen's like, you know, on a cloud, being Karen. And I'm just late all the time. But what was amazing about that journey and coming over [to the US] was almost like we were in a band.Karen and the Babes, for sure. And you know, we all love music, we all hang out. It was just a real amazing adventure, and we often talk about it, actually. It's something we won't forget.

Anonymous asked: why are you wearing a tux? It's after six what am I, a farmer?

gOD I FORGOT HOW GOOD 30 ROCK IS what if i just marathoned it all night long 


Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman talking about their game and cosplayers they met at Comic-Con. (x)

me: accidentally clicks photoshop
me: gF
me: GHJK
me: n0 stop GOD piss

Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you write Smillan prompt/request fanfics? If so, could you please write one about Jenna and Kaz's "girly talk about Matt which I will never reveal" conversation? I am desperate to know the details (obviously, it's about Karen's love for him). I'm pretty sure you would have heard of the one I'm referencing (both Jenna and Kaz have mentioned it :D). I will love you forever if you do this! Thanks :D

I don’t really write anymore I’m sorry!





He sounds so different to me. Maybe because the audio is weird! hmm 

he doesn’t sound individual from eleven…I hope moffat doesn’t force the same character on twelve

he’s the doctor. every doctor has his own little quirks and such, but essentially they’re all the same man, especially when it comes to dialogue. 
also, this episode was written by mark gatiss, not by moffat.